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Dispute Resolution

Small Claims Court Proceedings Solicitors

In situations where you have received a poor service, you are owed money or you have been the recipient of a faulty product, we know how frustrated you will feel.  Our Small Claims Solicitors can help you either recover your funds or resolve the situation accordingly through the Small Claims Court.

The Small Claims Court deals with disputes with a value of up to £10,000, facilitated by local County Courts where the matter is defended but with an increasing online presence.  This route is designed to be a less formal procedure with the intention that you are able to represent yourself.  However, those not familiar with the Court process may wish to seek assistance and have Small Claims Court representation. 

With the aid of our Dispute Resolution Solicitors we can advise you and prepare your case as best as possible for a successful outcome, whether you are bringing a claim or defending a claim.  We recognise the need for clear, simple and cost effective legal advice.  

Legal advice for Small Claims Court 

The Small Claims Court deals mainly with the following types of dispute:-

  • Faulty or defective products - you can claim compensation for any goods that do not meet expected standards ranging from cars, double glazing or electronic devices.  This could also include any concerns such as false advertising or misrepresentation.
  • Faulty or defective services - you can make a claim should you be dissatisfied with the service received from an organisation, or should the company fail to deliver the agreed upon service, therefore breaching their contractual agreement. 
  • Landlord and tenant matters - whether you are a landlord or tenant, Small Claims Court can assist with issues such as rent arrears, failure to carry out property repairs or property damage. 
  • Neighbour Disputes - Small Claims Court can attempt to rectify conflicts between neighbours, including boundary disputes, noise complaints or property damage.

These examples illustrate the diverse nature of disputes that may be suitable for resolution in the Small Claims Court. The financial threshold for small claims may vary, and specific rules and procedures may apply to different types of cases.

Our Small Claims Solicitors are here to answer your questions and will take the time to listen to your particular situation, advising whether Small Claims Court would be a beneficial route for you.

Small Claims Court process explained

The Small Claims Court provides a simplified and cost-effective way for individuals to resolve disputes. While each case will be different, generally the process is as follows:

  1. Filing a claim 
  2. Notification to the defendant
  3. Mediation and settlement  
  4. Allocation to a Track
  5. Court Hearing (if necessary)
  6. Judgment and Enforcement

It is important to note that specific rules and procedures may differ depending on the jurisdiction within the UK (England and Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland).  We are qualified to advise in regards to the law and processes within England and Wales.

The timeline can vary, but Small Claims Court is designed to be quicker than other Court tracks and cases are often resolved within a year. However, this can depend on factors such as Court availability, complexity, and the parties' cooperation.

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