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When you need expert legal advice our Solicitors in Andover can offer a bespoke service to meet your individual needs. We are highly experienced across many areas of the law, including family law, employment law, property law, immigration, military law, and legal support for charities.

At Parker Bullen, we pride ourselves on our friendly and practical approach. Our Solicitors appreciate that some legal issues can be sensitive and are always empathetic to our clients’ predicaments and requirements.

We always explain our legal services in simple terms, ensuring that you feel comfortable and prepared for the processes that follow. Whether you’re an individual or a company, we can offer expert legal assistance to suit your unique circumstances.


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How to get to our legal office in Andover

By car

The nearest car park to our Andover office is the Black Swan Yard Car Park, a short two minute walk away.

By bus

Andover has good local transport links, including the Andover bus and coach station which is a five-minute stroll from our office.

By train

Andover train station is the nearest train station to our legal office, located on Station Approach, approximately a 15-minute walk away.

Plan your route

To plan your route to our solicitors in Andover, please use this link.

Our legal services for individuals in Andover

Family Law

Dealing with issues in your family life can be extremely tough, especially where there’s conflict involved. Seeking legal help isn’t always easy, but it is often necessary to protect your rights and help you move on with your life.

Our Family Law Solicitors in Andover can offer sensitive and practical support across the full spectrum of family law matters, including divorce, cohabitation and child law.

Learn more about our family law services

Property Law

Residential property transactions are complicated and involving various legal processes that must be completed correctly.

Our Property Solicitors in Andover have much experience in the sector and can offer expert support whether you are looking to purchase, sell, obtain a mortgage, or lease a property.

Learn more about our property law services

Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

Unless you plan what will happen to your assets when you pass away, your loved ones could be left in a difficult situation. To ensure that your estate is distributed as you would like, it’s vital that you draft a valid Will with the support of an expert Solicitor.

Our Wills and Probate Solicitors in Andover can offer our clients support with all associated legal areas, including drafting Wills, Probate and Estate Administration, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Tax Planning.

Learn more about our Wills, Probate and Estate Planning services

Criminal Defence

Being accused of a crime can be a frightening experience, and it’s crucial that you seek specialist legal support immediately.

Our Solicitors can defend clients in criminal law cases, for example, alleged road traffic offences.

Learn more about our criminal defence services

Employment Law for Employees

There may come a time in your career where you need employment law advice, whether it’s a non-contentious matter or a dispute with your employer.

Our Employment Solicitors for employees can provide expert support with various employment law issues including grievances, redundancy, dismissals and settlement agreements.

Learn more about our employment law services for employees

Litigation for Individuals

Finding yourself caught up in a legal dispute can be extremely stressful. No matter which type of dispute you find yourself in, our Solicitors can support you in resolving your issue.

We will attempt to use alternative dispute resolution processes to solve matters out of Court, and where this is not possible, we can offer Court representation.

Learn more about our litigation services for individuals

Immigration for Individuals

UK immigration rules are complex, and these rules often change over time. When you need help with immigration subjects, our Immigration Solicitors in Andover can provide legal assistance across various areas, including UK visas, entry and leave to remain, and issues surrounding breach of immigration rules and guidelines.

Learn more about our immigration services for individuals

Our legal services for businesses in Andover

Corporate and Commercial Law

In order to run a successful company, business leaders have various legal responsibilities and processes to consider. Our Corporate Solicitors in Andover appreciate the unique challenges that businesses face and are able to provide tailor-made solutions to help your business reach its true potential.

Learn more about our corporate and commercial law services

Commercial Property

Commercial property projects can be lucrative business ventures, yet it’s important that they are handled correctly. Whether you’re a landlord or a business tenant, we can support you with your commercial property legal needs.

Learn more about our commercial property services

Employment Law for Employers

When you run a company, the likelihood is that you’ll need employment law advice at some stage. Our Employment Law Solicitors in Andover can support businesses with a range of matters, including contracts of employment, redundancy, dismissals and employment disputes.

Learn more about our employment law services for employers

Litigation for Businesses

Being part of a dispute can negatively impact your business, costing you money, time and even your reputation. To help you resolve matters swiftly, what you need are specialist Solicitors on your side.

We will attempt to use alternative dispute resolution processes to solve issues out of Court, and where this is not possible, we can offer Court representation.

Learn more about our litigation services for businesses

Immigration Law for Businesses

Whether you’re a professional who is relocating to the UK for work, or a business owner who is hiring employees who’ve arrived from overseas, you may need immigration legal support.

Our Immigration Lawyers in Andover can help businesses with various legal matters, such as UK business visas and permits, sponsorship of overseas workers and immigration appeals.

Learn more about our immigration services for businesses

Schools and Educational Settings

At Parker Bullen we have extensive experience working with schools and other educational settings. Our Schools and Educational Law Solicitors in Andover can advise on legal issues including contracts of employment for staff, grievance and disciplinary procedures, disputes between governing boards and head teachers, school policies and conversion to Academy status.

Learn more about our legal services for schools and educational settings

Legal services for the Military in Andover

Allowances and Continuity of Education

Our Continuity of Education Allowance is intended to support Service personnel, to access continuity of education for their children. Where service personnel are unable to access these services, our Military Legal team in Andover can offer support.

Learn more about our services for military Continuity of Education Allowances

Administrative Action Cases

Administrative Action refers to a process used by the Armed Forces. The process is called upon when a member of the military has failed to follow military rules or adhere to expected standards.

If you are facing Administrative Action, our Military Solicitors in Andover can provide you with specialist legal advice.

Learn more about our Administrative Action services

Armed Forces Conveyancing

Combining our conveyancing and military expertise, we offer an efficient and cost-effective service for military personnel.

Our Armed Forces Conveyancing Solicitors have a thorough understanding of the needs of military clients. We can offer help with sales and purchases, as well as tenancies, mortgages, enfranchisement and tenancies, including leasehold extensions.

Learn more about our armed forces conveyancing services

Armed Forces Wills & Powers of Attorney

We have extensive experience supporting service personnel to draft Wills and Powers of Attorney. Military personnel may sometimes have complex requirements when it comes to creating a Will, which is why it’s vital that you receive expert support.

Our Lawyers can support clients across all related matters, including Will drafting, inheritance tax planning and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Learn more about our armed forces Wills and Powers of Attorney services

Court Representation

Our highly accredited team of Criminal and Military Lawyers are able to offer Court representation for military personnel in a wide range of circumstances.

In particular, our Criminal and Military Lawyers in Andover can offer legal advice on matters such as grounds of appeal, custody hearings, pleas in mitigation, case preparation and trial advocacy.

Learn more about our armed forces court representation services

Service Inquiries

Where a military incident results in serious injury or death, protocol calls for a Service Inquiry to understand the circumstances. Our specialist Solicitors at Parker Bullen can advise any ‘potentially affected persons’ as well as assisting the deceased’s family.

Learn more about our service inquiries services

Service Complaints

Our legal team can also support clients who need to make a service complaint. According to the Armed Forces Act 2006, past or existing military personnel can complain where they believe they have been wronged with regard to a Service Law matter. Such matters may include bias and discrimination, harassment or bullying.

Learn more about our service complaints services

Legal Services for Charities

Charity Property

At Parker Bullen we have ample experience dealing with the acquisition and disposal of property by charities. We can guide clients through the relevant processes for these transactions, as required by the Charities Acts.

If appropriate, we can assist you with vesting a charities’ assets in the Official Custodian for Charities.

Learn more about our charity property services

Family Charities and Foundations

Family charities or foundations are a great option for those who wish to make substantial donations to charities or leave gifts to charities in their Will.

Giving to charity has various benefits, including tax benefits. Besides this, creating a foundation or family charitable trust, you can then act as a trustee and have a say in how the funds are spent.

Learn more about our services for family charities and foundations

Local legal resources for Andover

Winchester Combined Court Centre

Located 12 miles from our Andover office, this is the local court dealing with family law and crime.

Learn more about Winchester Combined Court Centre

Winchester District Probate Registry

Located at the Law Courts in Winchester, 12 miles from our Andover office, this is the local office dealing with probate applications.

Learn more about Winchester District Probate Registry

Test Valley Citizens Advice

This is the local citizens advice service for people in Andover, providing basic information on a wide range of issues.

Learn more about Test Valley Citizens Advice

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