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Our experienced team of Solicitors in Salisbury can provide expert legal advice on various matters, supporting individuals and businesses alike. Our expertise extends to handling a wide range of legal matters, including but not limited to family law, private client law, employment law, property law, immigration, military law and charity matters.


At Parker Bullen, we combine practical legal advice with a friendly face to make sure that our clients always receive the best possible service. We understand that solving certain legal matters can often prove difficult, so we always make sure to remain empathetic to our client’s situation and requirements.

We provide straightforward advice in plain English and with no legal jargon. This means that, whether you are acting as an individual or a company, you understand exactly what steps need to be taken.

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Castle Street Bus Stop is located directly outside our Salisbury Office. You can find a full list of the buses served by the bus stop here.

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Our legal services for individuals in Salisbury

Family Law

Facing a legal issue that involves your family can be incredibly distressing, especially if there is a potential for it to result in needless conflict or disruption. To help you reach the best possible outcome for your circumstances, our Solicitors can step in to lend their support.

Our Family Law Solicitors in Salisbury can support you with a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, cohabitation and child law.

Learn more about our family law services

Property Law

Whether you are a first-time buyer, are looking to move your way up the property ladder, or are preparing to downsize, residential property transactions are very significant. They can also prove to be complicated in some instances, which is why consulting legal advice at an early stage is vital.

Our Property Solicitors in Salisbury can support you through the entire process of completing a residential property transaction, whether it involves buying, selling, remortgaging, or leasing a property.

Learn more about our property law services

Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

Many people do not consider the fact that they will need to plan for a future where they are no longer around. However, to make sure that your estate is distributed how you would like, making such plans is essential.

Our Wills and Probate Solicitors in Salisbury can support you with a wide range of lifetime planning matters, including writing a Will, dealing with probate, estate administration, Lasting Powers of Attorney and tax planning.

Learn more about our Wills, probate and estate planning services

Employment Law for Employees

Issues at work can have a knock-on effect for the rest of your life, so it is important to find a swift, effective resolution at the earliest opportunity. Seeking employment law advice from our team should be the first step you make.

Our Employment Solicitors for Employees in Salisbury can support you with a range of employment law issues, including those related to grievances, redundancy, dismissals and settlement agreements.

Learn more about our employment law services for employees

Litigation for Individuals

Being involved in a legal dispute, no matter what it relates to, can be incredibly stressful. Being on the wrong end of a dispute can have severe consequences, so having legal support on your side is essential.

Wherever possible, our Litigation Solicitors in Salisbury will work with you to find amicable solutions to legal disputes without having to resort to court proceedings. However, should Court be necessary, we can also provide robust representation.

Learn more about our litigation services for individuals

Immigration for Individuals

Immigration rules and regulations in the UK are as complex as they are strict. Our team understand this and can provide straightforward advice to help you better understand your situation.

Our Immigration Solicitors in Salisbury have expertise on a range of matters, including UK vias, entry and leave to remain, and breach of immigration rules and guidelines.

Learn more about our immigration services for individuals

Criminal Defence

Seeking legal representation for a criminal offence, no matter what it involves, is strongly recommended to ensure that you receive the best possible defence to the allegations you are facing.

Our Criminal Defence Solicitors in Salisbury have experience dealing with a range of criminal law cases, including alleged road traffic offences.

Learn more about our criminal defence services

Our legal services for businesses in Salisbury

Corporate and Commercial Law

Running a business is no small feat, with the countless legal responsibilities that need to be followed being seemingly never-ending.

Our Corporate Solicitors in Salisbury understand the unique challenges that businesses need to overcome by providing tailored solutions that are geared towards combining legal compliance with commercial growth.

Learn more about our corporate and commercial law services

Commercial Property

For many businesses, commercial property is likely to be among their most significant assets. As such, there are plenty of potential complications and potential hurdles which need to be addressed in the right way.

Our Commercial Property Solicitors in Salisbury can support both commercial landlords and tenants with their legal requirements.

Learn more about our commercial property services

Employment Law for Employers

If your business finds itself at odds with an employee, it is vitally important that you tread carefully to prevent the situation from escalating any further and causing additional damage.

Our Employment Solicitors in Salisbury provide support to employers on a wide range of matters, including employment contracts, redundancy, dismissals and employment disputes.

Learn more about our employment law services for employers

Litigation for Businesses

Commercial disputes have the potential to be incredibly disruptive and costly. Not only this, but they can also result in long-lasting reputational damage that will leave you in a very vulnerable position moving forwards. Legal advice in these situations is, therefore, a necessity.

Our Commercial Litigation Solicitors in Salisbury will work closely with your business to find a solution to the dispute you are facing, using alternative dispute resolution processes wherever possible. If Court proceedings are required to find a solution, we can also provide robust representation.

Learn more about our litigation services for businesses

Immigration Law for Businesses

Immigration laws for professionals coming to work in the UK, and business owners seeking to employ overseas workers, can be complicated. They are also ever-changing, which is why seeking legal advice from a team of expert Immigration Solicitors is highly recommended.

Our Immigration Solicitors in Salisbury can provide tailored immigration support with a commercial focus, addressing matters such as UK business visas and permits, sponsorship of overseas workers and immigration appeals.

Learn more about our immigration services for businesses

Schools and Educational Settings

We have specialist expertise and experience in advising schools and other educational settings on various legal issues. This includes contracts of employment for staff, grievance and disciplinary procedures, governing board disputes, school policies and conversion to Academy status.

Learn more about our legal services for schools and educational settings

Legal services for the military in Salisbury

Allowances and Continuity of Education

The Continuity of Education has been set up to support service personnel in establishing continuity of education for their children. If you experience any issues with these services or your allowance has been disallowed, our Military Solicitors in Salisbury can step in to support you.

Learn more about our services for military Continuity of Education Allowances

Administrative Action Cases

Administrative Action will occur when someone is deemed to have failed to follow military rules or adhere to expected standards.

If you are facing Administrative Action, our Military Solicitors in Salisbury can support you through the process with specialist legal advice.

Learn more about our Administrative Action services

Armed Forces Conveyancing

Putting our combined expertise with property and military matters to good use, we can offer a tailored property service to military personnel.

Our Armed Forced Conveyancing Solicitors in Salisbury appreciate the unique requirements that our military clients have when it comes to property. We can assist with matters including sales and purchases, tenancies, mortgages, enfranchisement and leasehold extensions.

Learn more about our armed forces conveyancing services

Armed Forces Wills & Powers of Attorney

As with our military property service, our team also have specialist expertise in supporting service personnel with Wills and Powers of Attorney. Military personnel are likely to have unique requirements with regard to lifetime planning, which is where our tailored service can prove invaluable.

We can advise on matters such as Will drafting, Inheritance Tax planning and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Learn more about our armed forces’ Wills and Powers of Attorney services

Court Representation

Military personnel may be required to attend court for a variety of reasons. Whatever the circumstances may be, legal support and representation can ensure that a positive outcome is reached.

Our highly accredited Criminal and Military Lawyers in Salisbury can provide this representation and additional advice for grounds of appeal, custody hearings, pleas in mitigation, case preparation and trial advocacy.

Learn more about our armed forces court representation services

Service Inquiries

Where military incidents result in injury or death, Service Inquiries are launched to establish the facts and surrounding circumstances.

Our Service Inquiry Solicitors in Salisbury can advise and represent any ‘potentially affected persons’, as well as assist the deceased’s family.

Learn more about our service inquiries services

Service Complaints

The Armed Forces Act 2006 details that military personnel (past or present) can raise a complaint where they believe that they have been wronged with regard to a Service law matter. This could amount to bias and discrimination, harassment or bullying.

Our team can support anyone who intends to make a service complaint, guiding you through the process in detail.

Learn more about our service complaints services

Legal services for charities

Charity Property

Acquiring and disposing of charity property is by no means a simple process. There are countless steps that need to be taken, as per the Charities Acts, which can be overwhelming for the uninitiated.

Our Charity Solicitors in Salisbury have substantial experience in dealing with these issues. Where necessary, we can also assist you with vesting assets in the Official Custodian for Charities.

Learn more about our charity property services

Family Charities and Foundations

Family charities and foundations can be extremely useful for anyone wishing to make donations to charities or leave contributions behind in their Will. There are also various other benefits to this approach – including tax benefits.

You will also have the chance to act as a trustee and have a say in how the funds are spent. This is something our Charity Solicitors in Salisbury can advise you on.

Learn more about our services for family charities and foundations

Local legal resources for Salisbury

Salisbury Law Courts

Salisbury Law Courts are 0.6 miles away from our Salisbury office. This is the local court for crime, divorce hearings and housing.

Citizens Advice Wiltshire

This is the local citizens advice service for people in Wiltshire, providing basic information on a wide range of issues.

Learn more about Wiltshire Citizens Advice

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