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Armed Forces Service Inquiry Solicitors

In the wake of a military incident that leaves a profound impact, our experts within our Armed Forces department are here to support those affected by the loss or serious injury of a loved one.

Amidst the challenges and feelings that follow, a Service Inquiry stands as a crucial process to uncover the circumstances surrounding such incidents. If you find yourself connected to these events as a 'potentially affected person' or another interested party, we are here to offer our assistance.

Service Inquiries for military incidents

For those categorised as 'potentially affected persons' , namely an individual whose character or professional reputation could be affected, you may attend all or part of the Inquiry and have the opportunity to be legally represented at the proceedings.   

The President of the Inquiry has the ability to invite other interested parties to be present. We understand the burden carried by families and other loved ones during such times, and we stand ready to facilitate legal representation with the consent of the convening authority. 

We have extensive experience in assisting personnel and individuals in relation to Service Inquiries, providing expert guidance on the following:

  • Procedural advice: Going through the procedural complexities of Service Inquiries requires not just legal expertise but also a deep understanding of the sensitivites involved. Our Armed Forces team provides comprehensive advice to ensure you are supported at every step.

  • Representation for 'potentially affected persons': If you are a 'potentially affected person,' we are here to provide dedicated support, acknowledging the emotional weight carried by your involvement in the Inquiry process.

  • Assistance for other interested parties: We extend our services to other interested parties, including the families of deceased Service personnel. 

  • Advocacy at Inquiries: Our skilled advocates have years of experience of representing individuals effectively at Inquiry proceedings. From questioning witnesses, addressing the panel on your behalf and presenting arguments, our goal is to ensure your perspective is communicated with utmost care and understanding.

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Our Armed Forces team comprises legal professionals with not only specialist knowledge but also a deep understanding of the challenges associated with Service Inquiries. Over the years, we have successfully assisted numerous individuals in navigating the intricacies of Service Inquiries, achieving outcomes that reflect both legal excellence and empathetic understanding.

To book your free initial consultation with a member of the Armed Forces department in Andover, Romsey, Salisbury, Totton or Witney, contact your local office by calling one of the numbers below, emailing or using the Contact Form.