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Whether you need personal or commercial legal advice, our expert Solicitors in Witney will be available to provide the support you require. Our expertise covers a variety of issues, ranging from matters involving your family, employment, property law, immigration, military law and legal support for charities.


At Parker Bullen, we are a long-established firm of Solicitors and take pride in our approach, supporting each and every one of our clients, no matter their individual circumstances. We know that many legal matters are of a sensitive nature, which is why we are always empathetic and understanding of our client’s situations.

Regardless of the type of legal support our team provides, we always aim to keep the entire process as clear and straightforward as possible. Whether you are an individual or are representing a company, we can offer legal assistance that matches your unique circumstances.

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Our legal services for individuals in Witney

Family Law

Family law matters have the potential to be highly disruptive, especially as finding an amiable resolution can initially appear to be a difficult process. That’s where the support and advice of our family law team can prove invaluable.

Our Family Law Solicitors in Witney have a wide range of expertise which they use to resolve various matters, including divorce, cohabitation and child law.

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Property Law

For many people, buying or selling a property is likely to be one of the most important transactions of their life. Having the right legal advice on side can help to ensure everything goes ahead without a hitch.

Our Residential Property Solicitors in Witney have vast experience with property transactions, whether it involves buying, selling, remortgaging, or leasing.

Learn more about our property law services

Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

The thought of having to write out a Will, or plan for a future where you are no longer around, can be difficult. But, if you wish for your estate and assets to be distributed as you would like, making these plans now can help to save plenty of confusion and hassle further down the line.

Our Wills and Probate Solicitors in Witney can support you with various lifetime planning issues, including writing and amending Wills, dealing with probate, estate administration, Lasting Powers of Attorney and tax planning.

Learn more about our Wills, probate and estate planning services

Employment Law for Employees

While we all hope for our work lives to be as straightforward as possible, there may come a time when you require employment law advice. It may be due to a simple, non-contentious matter, or it may be the result of a direct dispute with your employer.

Our Employment Solicitors for Employees in Witney provide expert support on various employment law issues that may be affecting you, including grievances, redundancy, dismissals and settlement agreements.

Learn more about our employment law services for employees

Litigation for Individuals

Being involved in a legal dispute, no matter what it involves, can be a very stressful and worrying experience. However, with the right advice and early intervention, a solution can be found that allows all parties to move on with minimal disruption.

Wherever possible, our Litigation Solicitors in Witney will seek to find amicable solutions to legal disputes without the need for court intervention. However, should court proceedings be necessary, we can also provide robust court representation.

Learn more about our litigation services for individuals

Immigration for Individuals

There are countless strict and complicated immigration rules to be aware of, many of which are constantly changing. Where you need support with an immigration matter, our Immigration Solicitors in Witney will be on hand to support you.

We have a wealth of combined experience and expertise on matters related to UK visas, entry and leave to remain, and breach of immigration rules and guidelines.

Learn more about our immigration services for individuals

Criminal Defence

No matter the circumstances, facing a criminal investigation is likely to be an incredibly frightening and stressful experience. To ensure you have the best possible defence, it is crucial that you secure specialist legal support urgently.

Facing any type of criminal investigation is bound to be a seriously stressful experience, both for you and your loved ones. No matter your circumstances, having specialist legal support by your side from an early stage can make all the difference.

Our Criminal Defence Solicitors in Witney have previously supported clients with a range of criminal law cases, including alleged road traffic offences.

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Legal services for the military in Witney

Allowances and Continuity of Education

The Continuity of Education Allows is available to help Service personnel with achieving continuity of education for their children.

If there is an issue with any of the services related to the Continuity of Education or an allowance is disallowed, our Military Legal team in Witney can advise you on how best to proceed.

Learn more about our services for military Continuity of Education Allowances

Administrative Action Cases

Administrative Action is used when a member of the military is deemed to have failed to follow military rules or adhere to expected standards.

If you are subject to Administrative Action, our Military Solicitors in Witney will be on hand to provide you with specialist legal advice and talk you through what steps need to be taken.

Learn more about our Administrative Action services

Armed Forces Conveyancing

Capitalising on our combination of property and military expertise, we can provide a tailor-made property service for military personnel.

Our Armed Forces Conveyancing Solicitors in Witney understand the specific requirements our military clients need when it comes to dealing with residential property. We can support with sales and purchases, including the use of the Forces Help to Buy Scheme, tenancies, mortgages, enfranchisement and leasehold extensions.

Learn more about our armed forces conveyancing services

Armed Forces Wills & Powers of Attorney

Our team are specialists in guiding service personnel through the process of making Wills and dealing with other lifetime planning matters such as dealing with Powers of Attorney. It is often the case that military personnel have additional requirements with regard to Wills and other lifetime planning matters, which is why it is important to seek out specialist support in this field.

Our experts can advise on matters such as Will drafting, Inheritance Tax planning and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Learn more about our armed forces’ Wills and Powers of Attorney services

Court Representation

Military personnel may be required to attend Court and need representation for a number of reasons. This is something our Military Solicitors can support you with.

Our highly accredited Criminal and Military Lawyers in Witney can provide court representation and general advice for grounds of appeal, custody hearings, pleas in mitigation, case preparation and trial advocacy.

Learn more about our armed forces court representation services

Service Inquiries

If serious injury or death has occurred as a result of a military incident, a Service Inquiry must be launched to understand exactly what happened and whether anything could have been done to prevent the incident from occurring.

Our Service Inquiry Solicitors in Witney can advise and represent any ‘potentially affected persons’ in a service inquiry, as well as assist the deceased’s family.

Learn more about our service inquiries services

Service Complaints

The Armed Forces Act 2006 outlines that past or existing military personnel can complain where they believe that they have been wronged with regard to a Service law matter. This could include actions such as bias and discrimination, harassment or bullying.

Our Military Solicitors in Witney can support anyone who intends to make a service complaint, providing guidance on the general process and what steps need to be taken for the claim to move forward.

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Our legal services for businesses in Witney

Corporate and Commercial Law

There are various legal responsibilities and processes that business owners need to follow in order to run a successful business. Our Corporate Law Solicitors can support you with all of these issues.

Our Corporate and Commercial Solicitors in Witney understand the challenges facing businesses and respond by providing tailored advice and solutions to help you achieve your wider commercial goals.

Learn more about our corporate and commercial law services

Commercial Property

Dealing with commercial property is an important consideration for any business, particularly as it can often prove to be a significant investment.

Whether you are acting as a commercial landlord or tenant, our Commercial Property Solicitors in Witney can support you with all of your legal requirements.

Learn more about our commercial property services

Employment Law for Employers

Employment law matters have the potential to escalate out of hand, potentially causing widespread damage to your business. Having the right policies and procedures in place can make all the difference.

Our Employment Solicitors in Witney provide employment law support to businesses on a wide range of matters. This includes advising on employment contracts, redundancy, settlement agreements, dismissals and employment disputes.

Learn more about our employment law services for employers

Litigation for Businesses

It should go without saying that commercial disputes can have a hugely disruptive impact on your business. Without being properly addressed, they can cost time, money and resources and lead to significant reputational damage.

Our Commercial Litigation Solicitors in Witney can support your business if it is facing a dispute or litigation proceedings. Our team focus on alternative dispute resolution methods wherever possible but can also provide robust Court representation if required.

Learn more about our litigation services for businesses

Immigration Law for Businesses

Business owners seeking to hire employees from overseas, as well as workers themselves, are required to have a detailed understanding of immigration law in the UK.

However, immigration law can be extremely complex, which is where the support of our Immigration Solicitors in Witney can be so important. We can provide commercially focused immigration support, addressing matters such as UK business visas and permits, sponsorship of overseas workers and immigration appeals.

Learn more about our immigration services for businesses

Schools and Educational Settings

We have experience in advising both schools and other educational settings with a range of legal issues.

Our Educational Law Solicitors in Witney can advise on matters involving contracts of employment for staff, grievance and disciplinary procedures, governing board disputes, school policies and conversion to Academy status.

Learn more about our legal services for schools and educational settings

Legal services for charities

Charity Property

Dealing with charity property can be a complex process, especially where acquisitions and disposals are concerned. This is due in part to the fact that there are various processes which need to be followed as required by the Charities Acts.

Our Charity Solicitors have previously dealt with many property transactions and will be on hand to guide you and your charity through the process. Where required, we can also assist you with vesting assets in the Official Custodian for Charities.

Learn more about our charity property services

Family Charities and Foundations

Family charities and foundations can be ideal for anyone who wishes to substantially give to charity or make substantial gifts in their Will. This framework can also provide substantial tax benefits.

Creating a foundation or family charitable trust also means that you will be able to act as a trustee and dictate how the funds are spent. This is something we can advise you on.

Learn more about our services for family charities and foundations

Local legal resources for Witney

Oxford Magistrates Court

Located 9.4 miles from our Witney office, Oxford Magistrates Court deals with adoption, child care and criminal law proceedings.

Learn more about Oxford Magistrates Court.

Oxford Combined Court Centre

Oxford Combined Court Centre is 9.8 miles from our Witney office and deals with adoption, childcare, crime, divorce hearings and housing claims.

Learn more about Oxford Combined Court Centre.

Oxford Citizens Advice

This is the local Citizens Advice service for people in Oxford, providing basic information on a wide range of issues.

Learn more about Oxford Citizens Advice.

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