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Landlord and Tenant Disputes Solicitors

Disputes over property can be overwhelming, leaving both landlords and tenants uncertain about their rights and the best course of action. Whether you are a landlord aiming to safeguard your interests or a tenant worried about the security of your home, our dedicated Landlord and Tenant Dispute Resolution team is here to provide you with pragmatic advice and guide you towards a resolution.

Our team of experienced Property Litigation Solicitors is well-versed in handling a spectrum of disputes, employing a tailored approach to suit the unique circumstances of each case. Depending on the nature of the dispute and the factors involved, we will recommend the most suitable resolution method, be it mediation, arbitration, or Court proceedings.

We have years of experience advising landlords and tenants in a variety of disputes including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Letting agent/management company disputes
  • Maintenance issues
  • Possession and eviction claims
  • Rent arrear claims
  • Service charge disputes
  • Tenancy deposit claims

Dispute Resolution legal advice for Landlords 

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we know that should a dispute arise, you will be seeking expert advice from competent, proactive and tenacious lawyers.  

Letting agent or management company disputes for landlords

Landlords facing disputes with letting agents or management companies require strategic guidance to safeguard their property and maintain a smooth property management process. Whether addressing disagreements over service provision, fees, or contractual obligations, we can provide practical support. We prioritise the efficient resolution of disputes, ensuring landlords can maintain positive and effective relationships with letting agents and management companies while safeguarding the integrity of their property portfolio.

Maintenance disputes for landlords

Whether addressing repairs, ensuring health and safety standards are met, or resolving disputes with tenants, our Dispute Resolution Solicitors can guide you through the intricacies of property maintenance concerns. We aim to protect landlords' investments while fostering positive landlord-tenant relationships, ensuring that properties are well-maintained and disputes are resolved swiftly.

Possession and eviction claims for landlords

Evicting residential tenants demands meticulous compliance with intricate rules. A wrongful eviction can lead to criminal prosecution, making expert advice essential. We specialise in guiding landlords through the complexities of eviction notices, ensuring strict adherence to regulations. Whether serving notices or initiating possession proceedings, we provide comprehensive support. Understanding the nuances of Section 21 notices, including the need for compliant documentation, safeguards landlords against potential pitfalls. 

Rent arrear claims for landlords

Effectively submitting rent arrear claims requires an understanding of your rights and responsibilities. Whether issuing notices, exploring eviction procedures, or engaging in negotiations, we we will defend your interests while adhering to legal frameworks. 

Service charge disputes for landlords

Approaching service charge disputes in the appropriate manner is essential for landlords seeking to recover costs associated with managing communal areas. Service charges cover expenses such as cleaning, maintenance, and large-scale repairs within a block of flats. We can guide freeholders in understanding and recovering service charge payments while ensuring you abide by strict legal provisions. Whether pursuing payments or facing challenges from leaseholders, our expertise helps landlords through service charge disputes with efficiency and legal precision.

Tenancy Deposit Claims for landlords

Disputes over rent deposits are common in landlord-tenant relationships, often stemming from regulations on amounts charged and deposit handling. Landlords must follow specific procedures to avoid complications. Residential tenancies impose caps on deposit amounts, and strict rules dictate deposit handling, requiring registration in a government-authorised scheme. Failure to comply may result in repayment of the deposit to the tenant, along with potential additional penalties. Our team assists landlords in understanding correct procedures, minimising the risk of disputes and ensuring compliance with deposit rules.

Dispute Resolution legal advice for Tenants 

Letting agent or management company disputes for tenants

Whether addressing disputes over service quality, fees, or contractual matters, we aim to look after the rights and wellbeing of tenants. We work diligently to create a reasonable and transparent rental environment, advocating for tenants to receive the services and conditions they are entitled to. Our goal is to empower tenants in resolving disputes efficiently and achieving satisfactory outcomes.

Maintenance disputes for tenants

Tenants encountering maintenance issues deserve effective advocacy to ensure their living conditions meet acceptable standards. Whether chasing up necessary repairs, ensuring your landlord observes their responsibilities, or resolving disputes, we work diligently to create a living environment that is safe, habitable, and complies with established standards. 

Possession and eviction claims for tenants

Receiving an eviction notice can be distressing, but tenants have rights and avenues for defence. We help tenants assess the validity of eviction notices, providing guidance on surrendering possession and defending against possession proceedings. Understanding the significance of Section 21 notices and the criteria for their validity allows tenants to approach the eviction process with confidence. Whether facing a Section 8 notice mid-tenancy or dealing with other grounds for eviction, we offer tailored advice to ensure tenants are well-informed and secure. If flaws exist in the notice, tenants have a valid defence against eviction proceedings, ensuring a fair and just resolution to the dispute.

Rent arrear claims for tenants

Tenants facing challenges in meeting rental obligations deserve knowledgeable representation on their side. Our team explores potential defences, negotiating realistic repayment plans, and ensuring landlords adhere to legal procedures. We understand the unique circumstances tenants may face and strive to achieve a balanced resolution that considers the rights and concerns of both parties involved. 

Service charge disputes for tenants

Understanding your rights in service charge disputes is crucial for tenants facing demands for payment. Service charges cover the cost of managing communal areas, and strict provisions govern payment demands and the recoverable costs. It is important for tenants to scrutinise service charge demands, ensuring accuracy and reasonableness. If facing financial constraints, tenants should be aware of potential penalties outlined in the lease for non-payment. We can guide tenants in challenging service charge amounts deemed excessive and helps navigate the process of seeking fairness through the First Tier Property Tribunal. 

Tenancy deposit claims for tenants

Understanding your rights regarding your deposit is paramount as landlords must follow rules on deposit amounts and handling. Deposit registration in a government scheme, along with timely information provision, is mandatory. We can advise tenants on their deposit rights, including restrictions on deposit amounts. If a landlord fails to register or provide necessary information, tenants have the right to make a claim for deposit return and potential penalties. Whether assessing deposit amounts, seeking return procedures, or defending against unjustified claims, we provide tailored guidance for tenants facing tenancy deposit challenges.

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