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Our team of solicitors in Totton can provide specialised legal advice on a wide range of matters. With extensive expertise in areas such as family law, employment law, property law, immigration, military law, and charity law, we are here to support you.

Client care is our highest priority, ensuring that you are the focal point of everything we do. We focus on getting to the heart of your issue and building up a detailed understanding of your situation, allowing us to provide truly personalised legal assistance.

We appreciate that hiring a lawyer can feel overwhelming, particularly where your issues are sensitive. Our lawyers will always support you with compassion and understanding, ensuring that you feel at ease, and are well-informed about the necessary processes.

Our Solicitors in Totton have extensive experience across a wide range of legal fields. Many of our expert lawyers hold prestigious accreditations, demonstrating our outstanding service and level of client care.

We are accredited by the Conveyancing Quality Scheme; the quality standard for SRA-regulated conveyancing firms. We are also a part of Resolution, demonstrating our constructive approach to family law, and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), a global professional body with a focus on asset planning services for families.

No matter how complex your legal matter is, we can help you. To access specialist legal support today, please contact our Solicitors in Totton.

You can call us on 023 8066 3313 or email us at

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How to find our Solicitors in Totton

Reach us by car

If you are travelling to visit us by car, the Testvale Car Park is a short 6-minute walk away from our legal office.

Reach us by bus

The closest bus stop is located outside the post office on Walter Lane, served by the number 11.

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Totton train station is located a short 7-minute walk from our legal office.

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You can plan your journey to our legal office here.

Our services for individuals in Totton

Family Law

We understand that legal issues involving your loved ones can be stressful and delicate. Our Solicitors in Totton will always ensure that you feel fully supported throughout any legal process.

Whether you are facing a divorce, or looking to make arrangements for your children or finances following a separation, we can provide the reassuring legal assistance you will need.

Our Family Lawyers can support you with alternative dispute resolution methods, keeping matters out of Court, and reducing stress for you and your loved ones. No matter how complex your legal matter, we will be able to advise you on what the next best steps are, tailored towards your own personal circumstances.

Learn more about our family law services.


Property based legal issues are not always straightforward, so it is important to have expert legal support. When dealing with property matters, we focus on transparency. We have a fantastic reputation for keeping our clients well-informed and up to date.

Our Solicitors in Totton can help you with a wide range of property based legal matters, including buying and selling a property, landlord and tenant disputes, transfers of equity, and more.

When you work with our Residential Property Solicitors, we will ensure to gain a detailed understanding of your objectives and goals, allowing us to provide tailor-made support.

Learn more about our residential property services.

Wills, Probate and Estate Planning

We appreciate that dealing with the area of Wills and probate can be overwhelming, particularly when a loved one has recently passed away.

Dealing with legal tasks during an already difficult time can be incredibly tough, but rest assured, we will always support you with empathy and care during these challenging times. Our experts can handle many matters on your behalf, and provide in-depth support with others.

Our Wills, Probate and Estate Planning services cover a wide range of matters, including drafting Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection, and many more.

Our Solicitors in Totton will be able to answer any queries you may have regarding Wills, probate and estate planning, so please do get in touch.

Learn more about our Wills, Probate and Estate Planning services.

Dispute Resolution

Though disputes can be incredibly stressful, they can often be resolved outside of Court. Our Solicitors in Totton are experts in handling a wide range of legal disputes both inside and outside of Court.

We can support you with a range of matters, from contract and consumer disputes to enforcement for individuals, and Small Claims Court proceedings.

Our goal is always to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible during the necessary proceedings. Our Solicitors will minimise the stress throughout the associated stages where we can.

Learn more about our dispute resolution for individuals.

Criminal Law

Being accused of criminal activity can feel incredibly overwhelming and isolating. Thankfully, our Solicitors in Totton are available to provide expert guidance should this happen to you.

We can advise on a wide range of scenarios, from traffic violations to more serious accusations of criminal activity.

Our Criminal Defence Solicitors in Totton will work alongside you throughout the entire process, ensuring that you are fully supported and that your concerns are heard and addressed.

Learn more about our criminal law services.

Employment Law for Employees

Our Employment Lawyers understand that workplace issues can cause stress and unhappiness for employees. We have many years of experience helping employees to resolve workplace disputes and exercise their rights.

No matter the employment law related issue you are facing, we will advocate for you and support you throughout the entire process.

Our Employment Law Solicitors for employees in Totton can provide guidance on all types of employment law matters, including contracts of employment, discrimination, grievances, disciplinary processes, and more.

Learn more about our employee law for employees legal service.

Immigration Law

Immigration rules and regulations in the UK are complicated and subject to change over time. We understand that immigration processes and concerns can be a source of stress for many individuals.

Thankfully, our Immigration Solicitors in Totton can provide sensitive and constructive support. We can provide information, assist you through the necessary processes, and help with any immigration issues you may be facing.

Specific areas that we can help with include (but are not limited to):

  • Gaining permission to study in the UK
  • Naturalisation and indefinite leave to remain
  • Entry and leave to remain for individuals, partners, and dependants

Learn more about our immigration services for individuals.

Our services for Businesses in Totton

Corporate & Commercial

Our Corporate and Commercial Solicitors in Totton have vast experience supporting businesses in the local community, and beyond.

When you work with us, we will gain a thorough understanding of your commercial goals, support the ongoing success of your business, and help you resolve any issues.

We can help you with all elements of commercial and corporate law, including business purchase and sale, commercial contracts, corporate finance and contractual disputes.

Learn more about our corporate and commercial legal services.

Commercial Property

Our Commercial Property Solicitors in Totton can support you with a wide range of areas affecting commercial landlords and tenants.

We appreciate that the matters and processes that surround commercial property can be complex. You can trust us to simplify matters as far as possible, helping you to complete necessary tasks and address issues swiftly and efficiently.

Our expert team can help with a range of commercial property matters, including, but not limited to commercial property sales and purchases, property development, and property investment.

Learn more about our commercial property services.

Commercial Litigation

Our Commercial Litigation Solicitors in Totton can help businesses to pursue litigation claims, or to defend themselves against such claims. When supporting businesses in this area of the law, you can trust us to take a firm and practical approach, helping you to reach the best outcome possible.

Litigation areas in particular that we can support with include commercial landlord and tenant disputes, contractual disputes, and debt recovery.

Learn more about our commercial litigation services.

Employment Law for Employers

Our Employment Law Solicitors for employers in Totton can provide the support you need to protect your business interests. Where you are facing issues and disputes, we will help you to resolve these swiftly and smoothly, so that you can move forward.

We can provide advice across a wide range of employment law areas, such as contracts of employment, discrimination, redundancy, settlement agreements and more.

Learn more about our employment law for employers legal services.

Immigration for businesses

Our Immigration Solicitors in Totton can provide businesses with a range of comprehensive immigration support, helping you to navigate the complex area of business immigration. Matters that we can provide support with specifically include:

  • Gaining permission to enter the UK for the purpose of business
  • Obtaining work permits
  • Supporting employers to comply with Tier requirements
  • Appealing business immigration decisions

Learn more about our immigration for businesses services.

Schools & Education

Our Schools & Education Solicitors in Totton can provide bespoke legal advice to schools, and have much experience doing so. We can help you with a broad range of education-related areas and issues, such as:

  • Support with contracts of employment for teachers and non-teaching staff members
  • Legal advice to resolve conflicts between Boards of Governors and Headteachers
  • Representation at Employment Tribunals
  • Advice concerning school policies, including parent complaints, and recovering any outstanding school fees

Learn more about our schools and education legal services.

Our services for Military Personnel in Totton



Armed Forces Family Law

The military divorce process is essentially the same as a regular divorce, however, there are certain elements that require specialist legal support, for example, dealing with military pensions, and property arrangements if you have been living in military provided accommodation.

Our expert Military Solicitors can provide assistance with military divorce, and all other family law matters for military personnel.

Learn more about our armed forces family law services.

Armed Forces Service Inquiry

Our expert Military Solicitors at Parker Bullen have many years of experience working with members of the Armed Forces who are facing service inquiries.

We can support you, or your loved ones throughout every stage of the necessary processes. Specifically, we can provide procedural advice and representation for ‘potentially affected people’, or other interested parties.

Learn more about our armed forces service inquiry support.

Armed Forces Wills & Powers of Attorney

Our specialist Solicitors can help military personnel to create Wills & Powers of Attorney.

At times, military personnel may have complicated needs when it comes to their Will. Rest assured, we have vast experience in this area and can support you to ensure that your Will adequately reflects your requirements.

We understand that you may have concerns regarding a Lasting Power of Attorney. When you work with us, we will explain all of the necessary processes and obligations carefully, making sure that you feel entirely comfortable.

Learn more about our armed forces Wills & Powers of Attorney services.

In addition to those mentioned above, our Military Solicitors can also provide help with matters such as administrative action, Armed Forces conveyancing, Armed Forces Court representation, Armed Forces service complaints, and Continuity of Education Allowance.

Find out more about all of our military services in Totton here.


Our services for Charities in Totton

Charity Property

We have plenty of experience handling the acquisition and disposal of property by charities. We can support you through all of the necessary processes for such transactions, ensuring that all requirements set out by the Charities Acts are followed.

Learn more about how we can help with charity property.

Family Charities and Foundations

Family charities or foundations are an excellent option for individuals looking to make significant donations to charities, or transfer gifts to charities as part of their Will.

There are many benefits to giving to a charity, for example, tax benefits. In addition, by creating a family charitable trust or foundation, you can act as a trustee, meaning you’ll have some control and input about how the funds are used.

Learn more about our family charities and foundations.

We really care about the charities we work with and will take the time to understand your unique requirements. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please do get in touch.

Learn more about our charity solicitors services.

Local Resources

Southampton (West Hampshire) Magistrates' Court

This Court hears cases involving crime, claims against employers, and benefits.

Southampton Combined Court Centre

This Court hears cases involving bankruptcy, business and property, and child care arrangements if you separate from your partner.


We focus on ensuring that our legal services are as accessible as they can be. If you have any accessibility requirements, please contact us. This way, our team can make any necessary adjustments, and do our very best to accommodate you.

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