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With the ambitious world of business, it is inevitable that disputes will arise. When not addressed in the right way, these can be disruptive and divert valuable resources away from running your business, impacting productivity, management and even cash-flow.

In this situation, you will be looking for experienced business dispute experts who can safeguard your business interests, achieve a favourable outcome and allow you to move your business forward.

Commercial Litigation Solicitors in Andover, Romsey, Salisbury, Totton and Witney

Our approach with business litigation is tailored to the unique challenges faced by your business. We understand the critical role that efficient and effective dispute resolution plays in maintaining the stability and growth of your enterprise.  From contract disputes and debt recovery to corporate and partnership conflicts, our team brings extensive experience in handling a wide array of commercial disputes.  We prioritise delivering results and use our expertise to devise strategic solutions that align with your business objectives when resolving a dispute that has already arisen and helping to reduce the risk of future disputes.  With vast experience of working with businesses of all sizes and a range of different industries and sectors, you can be assured that we will be able to guide you towards the best commercial solution. 

Our Business Litigation Expertise

Contractual Disputes

Contracts are at the heart of most business dealings so when they come under dispute it is important to find a quick and cost-effective resolution and to avoid similar re-occurrences.  Most contract disputes arise in connection with the sale or purchase of goods and services.  There are a variety of reasons why businesses supplying goods direct to customers or part of a supply chain could find themselves in dispute, from not being paid to products not meeting the purchaser’s requirements.  We are experienced at achieving legal but also commercially pragmatic solutions to reduce the impact on your business.  This applies to both disputes which may have already arisen and those likely to arise.

Corporate and Partnership Disputes

Internal conflicts within businesses, including corporate and partnership disputes, require strategic legal intervention.  This could be a dispute between shareholders, directors or partners and will generally stem from disagreements relating to decision-making, management, ownership and equity, or a breach of duties.  During the course of our work with you, we will review the documentation you have in place to clarify your position when reaching a resolution and can advise on suitable provisions to make for the future to avoid a similar situation arising once more, through a Shareholders Agreement, Director Agreement or Partnership Agreement.  The documents can help to clarify the roles and responsibilities of those parties involved, reducing the risk of ambiguity.  Our comprehensive support can resolve these commercial disputes, protecting your business's stability and ensuring a fair resolution for all parties involved.

Debt Recovery

Unpaid debts can severely impact your cash-flow and business operations, however chasing those payments will take up a considerable amount of your time and resource. Our Debt Recovery Solicitors are adept at crafting effective debt recovery strategies, utilising legal avenues to secure the repayment of outstanding amounts, allowing you to focus on growing your business.  Our professional yet firm approach will ensure recovery of payments while maintaining those commercial relationships to ensure the continuity for your organisation.  We will work with you throughout every stage from the Letter of Claim, negotiations, Court proceedings and enforcement.  

Enforcement for Businesses

Once a judgment has been issued for an unpaid debt, it will be important to take swift action to enforce the judgment.  We can support you in such enforcement matters whether that is through an injunction, utilising Bailiffs or High Court Enforcement Officers, or using a particular Order such as a Third Party Debt Order, Attachment of Earnings Order, Charging Order or Winding Up Order.  

Other legal services for business

Beyond our specialised expertise in dispute resolution, our expert Commercial department can offer a comprehensive suite of legal services designed to address the multifaceted needs of your business. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of your business's legal requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial Property - Commercial property transactions require particular legal expertise. Our Commercial Property team provides comprehensive support for buying, selling and leasing commercial property. From contract negotiations to understanding complex property laws, we ensure that your business's property interests are protected and optimised.
  • Corporate and Commercial Law - Our Corporate and Commercial Law services are designed to address the legal intricacies of running a business. From business formation and compliance to mergers and acquisitions, our legal experts offer strategic guidance to support your business goals. We understand the dynamic nature of corporate environments and provide solutions that align with your long-term vision and growth objectives.
  • Employment Law - Appreciating the complexities of employment law is essential for maintaining a harmonious and compliant workplace. Our Employment Law experts offer tailored solutions to address a range of queries, including employment contracts, discrimination claims, dismissals, redundancies and disciplinary proceedings. 


Commercial Litigation Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Shareholder Agreement, Partnership Agreement or Directors Agreement protect against disputes?

These documents are incredibly useful to remove any misunderstandings in your business regarding the rights, roles and responsibilities of your Shareholders, Partners and Directors, specifically in relation to:

  • Ownership and equity
  • Management and decision-making
  • Obligations and rights
  • Financial matters
  • Resolving disputes
  • Exit strategies
  • Confidentiality and restrictive covenants
  • Succession planning

This is not an exhaustive list, and having the right agreement in place can support you in maintaining continuity for your business and keeping disputes to a minimum.  

What are the various Enforcement Orders that can be used?

When considering the right Enforcement Order for your situation, it is important to appreciate how they work:

  • Third Party Debt Orders - this Order would 'freeze' the bank account of the debtor to enable to bank to send funds to you in repayment of the outstanding debt.
  • Attachment of Earnings Order - typically used for an employed individual, this Order would be set up with their employer to direct monies from their salary to you.
  • Charging Order - the debt would be secured against the property of the individual or company concerned, allowing monies to be repaid to you once the property is sold. 
  • Winding Up Order - this is a form of bankruptcy that is applicable to companies.

The right approach for you will depend greatly on your own situation, the amount owed to you and the nature of the debt.  Our team can discuss with you the most beneficial route that will lead to successful reclaiming of the debt.  

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We understand the unique challenges businesses face. Our business dispute resolution services are designed to provide the legal support you need to overcome challenges and thrive in today's competitive environment, with our Commercial Litigation Solicitors in AndoverRomseySalisburyTotton and Witney we are here to advise and guide you to an appropriate outcome. To discuss your situation, contact us today at your local office by calling one of the offices below, emailing or using the Contact Form: