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Armed Forces Service Complaints Solicitors

We understand the unique challenges faced by dedicated service members in the Armed Forces. If you are facing issues of bullying, harassment, discrimination, or bias, we know the toll it can take. Our Armed Forces Service Complaints team is here to be your advocate, providing unwavering support and leveraging our experience to guide you through the complexities of military service complaints. 

Under the Armed Forces Act 2006 (AFA 06) both serving or former members of the UK Armed Forces have the right to raise a service complaint if they feel they have been wronged on a matter that arises when they are subject to Service Law. 

Military Service Complaints

Timing is everything when it comes to raising a service complaint as they must normally be made within three months, beginning with the day the matter complained of occurred. In certain circumstances a complaint may be accepted outside this period by the Chain of Command.

Our Service Complaints team offers unparalleled expertise in various aspects of military service complaints. From understanding the intricate procedures to expertly drafting complaints, we are well-versed in the nuances of the process. We provide specialised advice on the Ministry of Defence's (MOD) Bullying and Harassment Policy, discrimination matters, Employment Tribunals, the Equal Pay Act 1970, and the Working Time Regulations 1998.

Service Complaints Legal Advice 

We have extensive experience and offer expert advice in relation to the following:

  • Service Complaints Procedures: Navigating the complexities of the service complaints process with precision and efficiency.
  • Drafting Service Complaints: Crafting well-articulated and compelling service complaints to strengthen your case.
  • MOD's Bullying and Harassment Policy: Ensuring your rights are protected under the MOD's policies.
  • Discrimination Matters: Comprehensive support for cases involving discrimination within the Armed Forces.
  • Employment Tribunals: Expert representation in employment tribunals to safeguard your interests.
  • Equal Pay Act 1970: Advocating for equal pay rights in line with the legislation.
  • Working Time Regulations 1998: Providing guidance on compliance with Working Time Regulations.

Chain of Command Support

In addition to those who wish to raise a service complaint, we can also advise and assist those in the Chain of Command who are the subject of a Service Complaint. Our expert team have the specialist experience and know-how of military procedure to formulate a response to such complaints.

Contact our Service Complaints Solicitors

If you are ready to raise a service complaint, or you have had one raised against you, we are here to support you.  You can book your free initial consultation with a member of the Armed Forces department in AndoverRomseySalisburyTotton or Witney by calling your local office, emailing or using the Contact Form.