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Supporting employees with the Menopause Workplace Pledge

We are proud to share that we have signed the Menopause Workplace Pledge, highlighting our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. We value women's contributions at every career stage and understand the unique challenges they face, including the menopause. Embracing this pledge underscores our dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive workplace environment.

What is the Menopause Workplace Pledge?

The Menopause Workplace Pledge, developed by The Wellbeing of Women’s charity, seeks to ensure support for individuals going through menopause and promote an open environment for this to be spoken about in workplaces. We are pleased to have been able to contribute financially towards the pledge with a donation towards the charity, which funds crucial research aimed at discovering breakthroughs in women’s health. Additionally, it enables the charity to provide essential information and advocacy for women.

Menopause can profoundly affect a woman's life and work, which could lead to the need for reduced hours or leaving employment due to lack of support. That is why we are not only showing our support through signing the pledge but also seizing this opportunity to educate all of our employees about menopausal symptoms and how they can best support colleagues experiencing them. As an employer, we look at implementing suitable reasonable adjustments that could assist employees in managing symptoms of the menopause.  There is no one size fits all approach to adjustments and this is considered on each employee individually.  By signing the pledge as a firm, we now join a community of businesses that are breaking down the stigma of menopause and fostering an open and positive workplace encouraging conversations to be had. The Wellbeing of Women charity continues to provide information to help us commit to our pledge of sharing best practices in actively supporting our employees.

Our work towards mental health support

As an employer, we are committed to enhancing our employee benefits and signing the pledge marks a pivotal step in shaping our values and policies. We understand the profound impact of mental health, especially during significant life transitions such as the menopause. By ensuring mental wellbeing is a priority, we cultivate a positive work setting where our team can flourish. In addition to initiatives such as the Menopause Workplace Pledge, we have invested in trained Mental Health First Aiders who are ready to provide support and guidance, offering a compassionate ear to those navigating challenges related to menopause or other mental health concerns. This ensures that everyone feels supported and valued, contributing to a healthier and more productive workplace.

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