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Continuity of Education Allowance Solicitors

We know that if you or your spouse are serving in the Armed Forces, your life may be one of change on a regular basis and you will be keen to keep any disruption to a minimum, particularly when it relates to your children.  Maintaining your children's education will be a priority for you and the Continuity of Education Allowance is likely to play a significant role in doing so.  Our Military Law Solicitors have years of experience supporting military personnel and their families with claims of this nature, tapping into their own experience of serving in the Armed Forces themselves or growing up in a military family.

What is the Continuity of Education Allowance?

The aim of the Continuity of Education Allowance is to assist service personnel to ensure that the education of your children remains uninterrupted despite frequent relocations. This allowance covers various educational expenses, including tuition fees, school supplies, and other essential costs associated with maintaining a stable learning environment. Eligibility criteria typically depend on various factors, including the nature of the military member's assignment.

Legal advice for the Armed Forces

In the unfortunate circumstances where these allowances are disallowed, or the MOD seeks to recover money, our Military Lawyers have the legal expertise and detailed knowledge to provide advice on:

  • Allowances payable to Service personnel
  • Continuity of Education Allowance
  • Educational matters generally
  • Service Complaints where any allowance is wrongly disallowed
  • Appeals where recovery action is taken by MOD for alleged overpayment

Our services include a thorough case evaluation, assistance with documentation preparation, and if needed, strong legal representation to advocate for your rights.

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