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Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Being faced with a dispute in your life can be incredibly disruptive and have a far-reaching impact on your family, property and finances.  That is why our Dispute Resolution Solicitors are on hand to help you find a solution as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

Over recent years, the emphasis has been to settle disputes between parties and reach an amicable resolution through the process of compromise instead of proceeding to Court.  While this may still be required, it should be considered a last resort and a Judge will expect the parties involved to have attempted an alternative form of dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration.  

Our expertise can support you with these negotiations, facilitating those discussions to reach a reasonable conclusion.  Should this not be successful, we can take proceedings, on your behalf, to the next stage of the legal process.  We can advise you on potential settlement or litigation and your chances of success whether it be in the Court or Tribunal system.

Our Dispute Resolution Expertise

Part of our daily life is to deal with other parties whether that is buying or selling a product or service, working with contractors or living next door to our neighbours.  It is natural that occasionally problems will arise, and seeking legal advice promptly will be important to resolving matters in a timely fashion with the minimum of disruption.  Our Dispute Resolution Solicitors can offer their expert guidance in a range of areas, including but not limited to the following:

Consumer Contract Disputes

Navigating the intricacies of consumer contract disputes requires a deep understanding of both legal principles and practical solutions. Our team is well-versed in handling disputes arising from contractual relationships, ensuring that your rights are protected and resolutions are achieved efficiently.  These can range from an online shopping purchase or subscription, purchasing faulty goods or a refusal to meet consumer rights.  Understanding your legal position under consumer protection laws will be crucial, which we can review with you to realise the potential claim you may have.  


Enforcing your rights can be challenging, but with our expertise, we make the process seamless. We are dedicated to ensuring the proper enforcement of legal remedies following the issue of a Court Order and can facilitate injunctions, liaise with County Court Bailiffs, instruct High Court Enforcement Officers, pursue bankruptcy or consider relevant Orders such as a Third Party Debt Order, an Attachment of Earnings Order or a Charging Order. 

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

A a tenant, our home is incredibly important to us; a place for us to feel comfortable and secure.  Similarly, as a landlord, each property you manage will be a significant asset and we recognise that you will wish to protect your property.  When a dispute arises between landlord and tenant, it will be vital to receive the right legal advice.  Our experienced Dispute Resolution Solicitors can provide comprehensive legal support to protect your interests, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, on concerns such as possession and eviction claims, Tenancy Deposit claims, rent arrears, service charge disputes or disputes between letting agents/management companies.

Property and Land Disputes

Property and land disputes can arise from various issues, including boundaries, restrictive covenants, rights of way and access, adverse possession or building disputes. These matters will require a strategic, professional and pragmatic approach.  We can provide the knowledge and skills to enable you to understand your position and find the right path to rectify the matter in the best way.  

Small Claims Court Proceedings

Small Claims Court can be an ideal option for those looking for a less formal procedure or if your dispute is with a value of up to £10,000.  While you can represent yourself with such matters, you may be looking for legal support to maximise your chances of success.  Small Claims Court can deal with several types of dispute, including faulty or defective products or services, landlord and tenant matters or neighbour disputes.  Before proceeding with this option, our Dispute Resolution Solicitors can explain everything you need to know from the process involved, costs, evidence that you will need, your rights to appeal and much more.

Wills & Trusts Disputes

Disputes related to the Will or Trust set up by a loved one will be incredibly emotive and we appreciate that you will want the right legal advisor on your side to approach the matter with sensitivity and professionalism.  We have years of experience of resolving family conflicts, inheritance disputes, power of attorney disputes, disagreements between Executors or beneficiaries, and contentious probate with a focus on achieving fair and amicable outcomes.

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Any form of dispute in your life will be disruptive and our Dispute Resolution Solicitors in AndoverRomseySalisbury, Totton or Witney are here to advise and guide you to an appropriate outcome.  To discuss your situation, contact us today at your local office by calling one of the offices below, emailing or using the Contact Form: