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Dispute Resolution

Contract and Consumer Disputes Solicitors

Contracts are at the heart of most dealings from buying a car, insurance, your dream holiday or subscribing to an online service.  When they come under dispute, there will not only be a financial impact but disruption in your life, so it is important to find a quick and cost effective resolution.

Most disputes arise in connection with the sale or purchase of goods and services.  As an individual consumer buying from a business the law offers you greater protection should things go wrong.  This protection extends to scenarios such as undelivered goods, faulty items, or products not as described, with variations depending on whether the purchase was made in-store or online.

We are conscious that you will wish to resolve the dispute quickly and as cost effectively as possible.  Our Consumer Contract Dispute Resolution Solicitors can advise you on your particular situation and offer practical solutions. 

Legal advice for consumer contract disputes

With the vast range of situations involving contracts, consumer contract disputes may arise in various contexts, for example:

  • E-commerce dispute – You have ordered a product online but upon delivery, the product is significantly different from the description, and certain specified features are missing.  You can claim a breach of contract and deceptive trade practices, seeking a refund or replacement.
  • Online subscription dispute – In the situation where you have cancelled an online subscription but are still being charged, you could have a claim for breach of contract, seeking a refund for the unauthorised subscription fees.

Our Consumer Contract Dispute Solicitors are here to assist you and can explain to you in detail as to whether you may have a claim and the likelihood of success.  We can advise as to your consumer rights, which are largely governed by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, as well as the specific regulations based on the type of product or service you have obtained, for example whether you have made an in-store or online purchase.

We will take you through step by step, from explaining your rights, advising how best to document your communication with the seller and when to make direct contact, making a formal complaint to the business and which route to resolution would be best, whether that is mediation, arbitration or an alternative form of dispute resolution.    

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