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Good Divorce Week

Resolution are a group of family justice professionals who work to promote amicability within the separation process.  Resolution are spearheading the Good Divorce Week (29 November – 3 December) to endorse ways in which separating and divorcing couples can reach an agreement and move forward without acrimony.

To kick-start the week, Resolution are looking to ignite a national conversation about how parents can embrace a child-focused approach to separation.  The pressures parents face when splitting up can easily provide for the possibility of conflict.  However, it is imperative that parents keep their children’s best interests at the forefront of their decision making.  That is why Resolution have launched their Parenting Through Separation Guide.  This is a free resource that contains information and support to help parents in the process of separation.  It includes advice on the first steps of separation, how to deal with abusive behaviour and your legal position, as well as much more.

You can download the Guide here:

Parenting through separation Resolution

As Resolution members, our family team at Parker Bullen have signed up to a Code of Practice that demonstrates to clients that we take a positive approach to family issues.  We seek to reduce conflict and support and encourage families to work together to find pragmatic solutions.  It also means we are connected to a network of like-minded professionals including financial planners, mediators and other family consultants to ensure our clients are supported throughout the process.

If you want to discuss how our amicable approach to separation can help you we offer a free initial, no obligation consultation and not just for Good Divorce Week but across the entire year.  To arrange a free consultation with one of our family solicitors please contact us on 01264 400500 (Andover) 01722 412000 (Salisbury) and 01794 328688 (Romsey).


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