Celebrating excellence for social media within the Wills & Probate Industry

Parker Bullen has made it to the final three legal firms in the British Wills & Probate Awards for its ground-breaking social media campaign supporting NHS workers during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The social media campaign used multiple social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn to engage with key workers, who were offered a 50% discount off their Wills and a 10% discount off their invoices for property matters. In addition the campaign raised money for the NHS and saved taxpayer money by enabling more Parker Bullen employees to continue to work during Lockdown..

Gareth Horner, Managing Partner at Parker Bullen commented;

“We are incredibly proud of the commitment that our staff showed to supporting all key workers and especially the NHS. At a time of great uncertainty we were able to connect with keyworkers by using the social media channels on which they were depending to access information and communicate with their colleagues, friends and loved ones. I believe that using social media in this way is ground-breaking for the legal profession and the fact that it was used to support key workers, the NHS and help our employees is even more rewarding”.

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Gareth Horner

Managing Partner

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