There are times when it is not possible for a Power of Attorney to be set up. If a person is no longer mentally capable of managing his or her affairs and does not have a Power of Attorney then an application will need to be made to the Court of Protection. The application will be for a Deputyship Order to be made by the Court to appoint a Deputy. The Deputy will then be the person who manages the individual’s financial affairs.

If a person does not have suitable family to act as a Deputy it may be appropriate to consider appointing someone at Parker Bullen LLP to act. We often assist in managing a person’s financial affairs efficiently and effectively.

Here at Parker Bullen LLP we often have to make applications to the Court of Protection for various other reasons. This is generally to obtain the Court’s approval for a particular course of action to be carried out on behalf of a person who is no longer capable of making such decisions.

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