Litigation is the term used to describe proceedings initiated between two opposing parties, looking to enforce or defend a legal right. Nowadays, rather than go to court, the emphasis is on settling disputes and reach an amicable resolution through the process of compromise. This is something which is both encouraged and expected by the court.

It is therefore important to approach any litigation with this in mind against the backdrop that our role is to expertly help you find acceptable middle ground. That said, if it not possible to reach a satisfactory and reasonable settlement with your opponent we can take proceedings, on your behalf, to the next stage of the legal process. We can therefore provide legal advice on potential settlement terms or litigation potentially leading to a court or tribunal.

For any aspect regarding a problem that may result in litigation please contact our Litigation team.

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"Sometimes there is no alternative but to litigate and I have no doubt that you are the only person that I want on my side"