Buying a company, business or asset can be a complex process. Without effective and efficient legal advice there are many traps for the unwary.

Each transaction has its own features and sometimes these need to be navigated very carefully. We work with businesses of all sizes including large corporate entities, multi- nationals, partnerships, small and medium sized enterprises and sole traders so have the breadth of expertise and legal know-how to help with all transactions of this nature.

Recognising what can often be complex, requiring input from various other specialists, we work closely with accountants, tax advisers and lenders to ensure that your business is best advised for such deals. We are also happy to work with any existing advisers, particularly on the accounting and tax fronts, in order to achieve the optimum outcome for you.

Please contact our Corporate team for any assistance you may require.

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"I can't thank you all enough, at times I thought we would never complete the deal but you assured me throughout"