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Service Police Interviews

Any Service police interview can be extremely difficult and stressful.  We will be there to advise and support you throughout and our services are free of charge as our fees are paid by the Legal Services Commission (LSC) if your interview takes place in the UK or by the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority (AFCLAA) if the interview takes place overseas.

Following your interview if you are charged with any offence we can provide you with advice in advance of any summary hearing before your Officer Commanding (OC) or Commanding Officer (CO).  We can also provide you with representation at any custody, Summary Appeal Court, Service Civilian Court or Court Martial hearing

We have extensive experience acting for suspects at service Police interviews and thereafter if they are charged with any offence.  We offer expert advice on the following:

  • Service Police Interviews
  • Custody Hearings
  • Election for trial by Court Martial
  • Summary Hearings
  • Summary Appeal Court
  • Courts Martial
  • Service Civilian Court

We offer a 24 hour helpline to those in police custody or those to be interviewed by the Service Police.  Please contact our experienced Military Team at our Andover or Salisbury office our 24 hour helpdesk on 01722 426 276. 

Department contacts:

Salisbury 01722 412 000

Andover 01264 400 500