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Road Traffic Offences

In the light of ever increasing sophistication in the speed detection methods used by nearly all police forces, Parker Bullen has developed an extensive practice in representing clients across the whole range of motor offences.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We couldn't have managed without you

Simon Green - Chairman, Moto-Lita Ltd

We advise and provide representation and advocacy in all types of motor prosecution including:-

  • Speeding and penalty points disqualification
  • Careless and Dangerous Driving
  • Drink Driving offences to include:
  • Police Station advice including breath testing procedure
  • Prosecutions for failure or refusal to provide breath or blood samples
  • Offences involving drugs
  • Appeals to Crown Court and High Court

Motoring Offence Costs 

The fee earner dealing with such matters has over 40 years’ experience and his currently hourly rate is £270 exclusive of VAT. 

An average charge for a guilty plea is £1500 plus VAT, plus counsel's fee of approximately £300 plus VAT. 

A Defended Prosecution is charged on an hourly rate basis. It is very difficult to provide an estimate of Costs at the outset, and a budget is usually agreed with you in order to progress the case to an agreed point (eg, work undertaken in seeking to persuade the CPS to discontinue the case). Counsel's and expert witness fees depend on extent of work to be undertaken, and always agreed with client in advance.  

The length of such proceedings is again, often variable.

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