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Property Development

We advise developers on site assembly and whole or multiple disposals for residential, commercial, social housing and mixed projects.  If you have land you feel may be saleable as a development opportunity, we can advise on taking the first steps to explore the possibilities and ultimately structure the deal to ensure you obtain the balance of risk and return that works for you.

Over the years I have worked with various law firms both professionally and personally, but this was my first experience of working with Parker Bullen. What at first appeared to be a straightforward conveyancing brief, quickly proved to be rather more complicated. Such circumstances call for cool heads to advise you on the pros and cons of any one particular aspect of the deal, whilst at the same time not losing sight of the bigger picture. Apart from the obvious legal experience what I look for in working with a law firm is sound judgement, patience, proactive communication and a readiness to play “hard ball” on my behalf if necessary. This was certainly the case in my relationship with Parker Bullen, and the fact that it was laced with good humour made the experience an enjoyable one

Recent experience includes:-

  • Advising on acquisition of development sites for residential development in Hampshire and Wiltshire
  • Dealing with planning and infrastructure agreements
  • Negotiation of lease of land forming part of new Stonehenge Visitor Centre

Department contacts:

Salisbury 01722 412 000

Andover 01264 400 500