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Employment for Employers

Our team of specialist Employment lawyers offers high quality employment advice.   We have many years’ experience of employment work, acquired both in the City and more locally.  Much of our work comes from word of mouth referrals.

We provide practical, cost-effective and commercially astute advice.  We listen to you carefully, so that we can deliver bespoke strategies and solutions to meet your objectives.  We are approachable, but when it comes to representing you, we are robust. 

For employers of all sizes and sectors, we advise on the full range of day-to-day HR queries, and offer innovative problem-solving for thorny employment issues.  We handle employment disputes and assist with managing change and protecting business interests.  In addition we provide training for managers and HR. 

We have extensive experience of providing specialist employment support for commercial transactions, including the sale and purchase of a business, TUPE, restructuring and outsourcing.  Alongside our colleagues in the Corporate team, we troubleshoot employment issues throughout, from due diligence, planning and drafting of warranties and indemnities, through to staff consultation and post-completion matters. 

We have significant experience of advising on:

  • Settlement agreements

  • Employment contracts and directors’ service agreements

  • Consultancy agreements and non-executive directors’ contracts

  • Staff handbooks and policies

  • Early conciliation

  • Employment Tribunal claims

  • Dismissal, disciplinary, and poor performance procedures

  • Grievance procedures

  • Discrimination, equality and diversity

  • Maternity and family friendly rights

  • Whistleblowing

  • Working time issues

  • Restrictive covenants

  • TUPE, outsourcing and restructuring

  • Redundancy

  • Bonus and commission arrangements

  • Boardroom disputes

  • Agency workers and recruitment sector compliance

Estimated cost to defend a claim for Unfair or Wrongful Dismissal

This will largely depend upon the complexity of the matter, and will ultimately depend upon the time spent defending the matter.  If the claim is straightforward and the business has a potentially fair reason for dismissal, fees should be significantly lower than those for a claim for a dismissal following discrimination.  Similarly, if the claim spans a relatively short period of employment, there is likely to be significantly less documentation to review than that of a claim involving a lengthy campaign of discrimination. Wrongful dismissal claims are generally more straightforward. These are likely to require far less time and therefore fees are likely to be lower than those relating to claims for unfair dismissal. 

The approach taken by the employer will also affect fees. If the employer is willing to consider a commercial settlement, this is likely to resolve matters swiftly, and therefore the fees to manage Early Conciliation may be as little as £1,500.  Conversely, if the employer wishes to defend the matter until the claim reaches tribunal hearing, far greater time may be required, and therefore the fees may exceed £15,000. 

Once we have obtained full instructions, we will be able to provide an estimate of fees for the work required.  This estimate will be updated as the case progresses and we will ensure that a course of action is agreed before pursuing matters further.  It is often sensible to agree upper limits on fees, and therefore we can review the claim regularly to ensure costs do not escalate. 

Basis of charges 

Our professional charges will be calculated using the hourly rate of whichever Parker Bullen lawyer is (or lawyers are) assigned to your matter.  These rates currently range from £170 to £200.  VAT is payable on our professional charges.  You may choose to set a limit on the amount which you wish to incur. 


There are currently no court fees in employment proceedings and therefore the only disbursements the employer is likely to incur are that of Counsel’s fees where the matter progresses to tribunal hearing. 

In addition, on those occasions we are required to attend Court or meetings other than at our offices, we shall need to charge to you any travel expenses which we incur as a result (mileage costs are currently £0.45 per mile).  We shall need to ask you to pay VAT on any such expenses. 

Experience and qualification of Parker Bullen’s Employment Lawyers 

Please see the ‘Our People’ section of our website for profiles and credentials of our Employment lawyers. 

Services provided and likely timeframes 

We are able to defend a claim for unfair or wrongful dismissal in two ways: we can either pursue settlement, or we can defend the matter within a tribunal. ACAS provides a four-week window for the parties to consider settlement before a claim can be pursued in s tribunal. Therefore, if settlement can be achieved at the outset, this can be a fairly swift process. However, if the matter does not settle, or if the employer does not wish to settle, tribunal proceedings could take over a year before reaching a tribunal hearing. 

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