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We can advise you in relation to the registrations of your designs.  Design Protection comprises a legal right concerning the overall visual appearance of a product.  The overall visual appearance of a product includes such things as the lines, contours, colours, the shape, texture, materials and the ornamentation of the product which gives it a unique appearance.  You can also register a design showing the ornamentation alone, for example a design to go on a product or a stylised logo.  Registration enables you to prevent others from using the design.  To be registrable a design must be new and have individual character.

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We can advise you on:-

  • Design registration
  • Searching for competing designs
  • The inter relationships between designs and other forms of intellectual property protection
  • Managing a portfolio of design registrations
  • The legal aspects of licensing designs
  • The legal aspects of selling designs
  • Designs disputes resolution

Department contacts:

Salisbury 01722 412 000

Andover 01264 400 500