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Commercial Disputes

We provide a full service to commercial and private clients dealing with disputes and contentious matters.  Our experienced litigators will review and discuss with you the options available to safeguard your interests and will advance your case with commitment and professionalism.

Our approach is pragmatic and commercial, and we take care to listen to our clients and understand their objectives.  We offer a service aimed to achieve solutions, and will recommend alternative dispute resolution such as mediation where appropriate.  We also understand that some disputes will not be resolved without the decision of the Court, and we have a strong track record of trial success in the County and High Court.  We are accustomed to dealing with matters that are complex, both factually and legally, and often involving substantial volumes of documentation.  Throughout the process of resolving disputes whether by negotiation or litigation, or commonly both, we ensure that our clients are kept fully informed of the current position, and the costs being incurred, so that in turn our clients can make informed choices as to how to proceed.

I am pleased to report that Parker Bullen LLP’s knowledgeable, realistic advice and courteous attention has been invaluable to me. I cannot recommend them highly enough

We advise on:-

  • The meaning and enforceability of contracts
  • Negligence and the damages that can be claimed
  • Partnership and company disputes of all kinds
  • Claims regarding title to goods and land
  • Contested debt and property recovery

Business Clients – Debt Recovery up to £100k 

Q         How much will it cost for me to instruct you to pursue a business debt? 

A         It is impossible to predict with certainty what the total bill is going to be.  This will depend upon a number of factors, such as the debtor’s response to your claim and the amount of work required before successfully collecting payment.  Sometimes all it takes is a Letter before Action; on other occasions, Court Proceedings and Enforcement Action will be necessary.  The total bill could be anything from £230 plus VAT (for a very straightforward matter) up to – in the event of Court Proceedings involving a sizeable debt – a five-digit figure. 

            Once we have taken full instructions from you, we shall provide you with an estimate of our fees up to a particular stage.  We shall not then incur charges over and above that estimate without first informing you and checking that you are prepared to proceed.  We are conscious of the need to avoid costs becoming disproportionate to the size of the debt. 

Q         How do you calculate your professional charges? 

A         Our professional charges (and hence fee estimates) will be calculated using the hourly rate of whichever Parker Bullen lawyer is (or lawyers are) assigned to your matter.  These rates range from £200 to £230.  VAT is payable on our professional charges.  You may choose to set a limit on the amount which you wish to incur. 

Q         Do you offer fixed fee Debt Recovery services? 

A         If you mean a fixed price package which sets out a menu of fees for all claims of a particular nature or size / amount: no.  Other firms might offer these sorts of price schemes for Debt Recovery work, but we tend to find that these are subject to so many caveats and exceptions as to make them meaningless.  We would rather tailor our charges to your particular matter and offer a more bespoke service. 

Q         Beyond your own professional charges, what other legal costs might I incur? 

A         Sometimes it will be necessary for us to incur third-party costs, or to pay Court fees on your behalf.  Third-party costs would result from our instructing tracer agents, process servers, Counsel and enforcement officers, etc.  Before incurring these costs, we would require you to pay to us monies on account.  Court fees are contained within HMCTS Form EX50, available online. 

            On those occasions we are required to attend Court or meetings other than at our offices, we would need to charge to you any travel expenses which we incur as a result (petrol expenses will be currently calculated at £0.45 per mile).  We would need to ask you to pay VAT on any such expenses.  Certain bank transfers attract bank charges, in which case we would need to pass those charges onto you. 

Q         Who within Parker Bullen will deal with my matter? 

A         Please see the ‘Our People’ section of our website for profiles and credentials of our Dispute Resolution lawyers. 

Q         How long will it take for you to collect payment of the debt? 

A         Again, this is impossible to predict with any certainty and will depend upon the amount of work involved in successfully recovering the debt.  Should the debtor pay up in full immediately upon receipt of a Letter before Action, recovery will be prompt (within one month of your having instructed us).  On the other hand, litigation involving a disputed debt can be a lengthy process and unfold over many months.