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Armed Forces allowances and Continuity of Education

We have detailed knowledge of all the allowances available to Armed Forces personnel and how to assist those who have allowances disallowed or where MOD seek to recover money where they allege allowances have been incorrectly paid.  The Continuity of Education Allowance, which has come under particular scrutiny in recent years, is available to those who opt to educate their children in a UK boarding school.

We have extensive experience and can offer expert advice on the following:

  • Allowances payable to Service personnel
  • Continuity of Education Allowance
  • Educational matters generally
  • Service Complaints where any allowance is wrongly disallowed
  • Appeals where recovery action is taken by MOD for alleged overpayment

Please do not hesitate to contact our Military Team for a free initial consultation to discuss your case and see how we can help you.