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Tim Crarer

I was delighted with all aspects of the support which we received from Chris Gwinn and Tim Crarer. They were confident and expert in a new and fast changing area of the law. They were able to answer all my questions, explaining difficult concepts in terms that I could readily understand. They quickly resolved the complex legal issues which resulted from the school’s long history. The whole process was smooth and hassle free, saving me enormous amounts of time and leaving me to concentrate on running the school. A pleasure to work with and highly professional

Steve Heal - Headmaster, Holy Trinity Church of England Academy

I firmly believe in the need to establish a proper understanding of the people with whom I work, both clients and colleagues. This is what Parker Bullen LLP regards as "Treating the whole patient". In my dealings with my clients I believe I can only provide a proper service to them if I fully understand all their relevant surrounding circumstances; with my staff I believe it is essential to understand each person's motivation and career aspirations.

Since 2011 I have overseen the development of the firm's strategy, based on this principle, of providing innovative services which differentiate the firm from its competitors, and attracting the best possible candidates for the growth of the individual teams.


Assistant Solicitor, Richards Butler September 1981 - December 1985; Partner, Commercial Property, Parker Bullen November 1987 - January 1994; Partner, Head of Property Department, Parker Bullen January 1994 - January 2002; Managing Partner, Parker Bullen, January 2002 - October 2010; Senior Partner, Parker Bullen LLP October 2010 - Present


All too often people only write to complain about the service they receive and forget to write when the service has been exemplary. I called your office last week to see if there was someone I could write to, to register the excellent level of service received during our conveyance... but apparently not .... you are that person! I just wanted to say that you have been incredibly positive and kept us going through some pretty low times. Nothing has been too much effort and that your attention to detail is exceptional. You have the amazing ability to have information at your fingers tips when receiving a call out of the blue and the most incredible talent for making a client feel that their particular case is the only one on your desk! You are equally able to converse in laymen’s terms ensuring that your client is not left feeling stupid for asking what may seem pretty obvious questions! Thank you for acting on our behalf. I cannot recommend you highly enough.

Julia de Bretton-Gordon

Senior Partner

Tim Crarer

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Queens' College Cambridge, College of Law Lancaster Gate. Awards: Exhibition to read law at Queens' College Cambridge


Salisbury Playhouse: Chairman of Board of Trustees Chafyn Grove School: Deputy Chairman of Governors, Chairman of Education Committee