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Leigh Barnett

Following qualification as a Scottish Solicitor, I was commissioned into the Army Legal Services in 1994. During a career which focussed on providing legal advice on the military discipline system and the varied administrative policies which exist, I specialised in the Service Complaints System.  Initially involved in drafting the legislation and policy which underpins it, I was the senior legal advisor in Service Complaints Wing from its inception until I retired.  My wide and detailed knowledge of an internal grievance procedure, employment law and administrative law ensures succinct, focussed advice in employment matters.

I retired from the Army in December 2012.


Legal trainee at McNeil &Co; 1994 commissioned as Captain into Army Legal Services; promoted to Major in 1997 and Lieutenant Colonel in 2002. Retired December 2012.



Leigh Barnett


LLB (Hons) Public Law, University of Glasgow School of Law; Diploma in Legal Practice, University of Glasgow School of Law; Royal Military Academy Sandhurst 1994; CMP Resolutions Certificate in Mediation Skills; Certificate in Forensic Medical Science, Academy of Forensic Medical Science; Member of Employment Lawyers Association


Basic French and German


Spending time with family and friends; Cookery, Forensic Medicine and keeping fit.