Mediation can be a helpful way for couples to resolve issues resulting from the breakdown of their relationship, such as finances or arrangements for their children. An independent mediator will try to assist couples to reach an agreement which they both consider fair. This can help ease any friction or animosity between them. This is particularly important where parents need to work together to make decisions about their children. Mediation is usually much cheaper and less contentious than making an application to the court.

There are occasions when mediation may not be helpful. For example, if there has been domestic violence or if one party “digs in” and takes an unreasonable stance, it is unlikely that mediation will help.

Of course couples can come to a decision between them without a mediator. If the decision relates to financial matters, the agreement should be recorded in a financial order and approved by the court. The court cannot approve a financial agreement until divorce proceedings have been issued and Decree Nisi has been pronounced. The financial agreement is not legally enforceable until it is approved by the Court.

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