I always hear that the first working Monday in January (this year 4 January 2021) is known as “Divorce Day”.  This is supposed to be the big rush after the Christmas break when client’s rush to seek the services of Family Solicitors.

However, in my experience, this is more media hype than reality. In truth, clients need our services all year.

Well we’re nearing the end of “divorce week” and I can confidently say this has not happened, nor has it ever happened in my career.  “Divorce Day” is always a big media hype in the press, more so now that we are in the middle of a world pandemic.  Whilst family enquiries are high, as Family Solicitors we always experience peaks and troughs throughout the year of new enquiries.

However, this is no ordinary year and many will have had a very stressful start to 2021 as England enters its third national lockdown. At a time like this, there is bound to be added strain on relationships, particularly with children now at home who may need help with remote learning, plus job security and financial worries and concerns over our own health and that of our family and friends.

This will be a stressful start to the year for all.  One of the main reasons I hear client’s delay in seeking a Family Solicitor’s advice is that they needed to “get their finances together first”.  This can be a mistake, particularly when they are attempting to make financial decisions i.e. selling the family home before obtaining legal advice.

At Parker Bullen, the family team offers a free initial consultation by telephone for all potential family clients, where we will listen to your individual situation and discuss your options with you.  With us, you are treated as an individual, not a statistic referred to by the media.

I urge people who are thinking of initiating a divorce, to get in touch and book a free initial consultation with us, so you are informed of your rights and start 2021 on the right path.

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