As the nation continues in lockdown and families self-isolate at home,  the stress of relationship breakdown may become overwhelming.

The breakdown of a relationship or the problems of children moving between the homes of separated parents can be emotionally exhausting at the best of times.  Usually, the comfort gleaned from a coffee with a friend or a visit to family members might be your first port of call but in these unprecedented times, such options are temporarily off the table!

Commenting on the increased stress and pressure on relationships Tricia Gower, Head of Family at Parker Bullen said; “We are seeing an increase in the number of people contacting us about family-related issues as the lockdown is inadvertently putting pressure on relationships. This has been compounded by the inability to reach out to friends and other family members in the ways we are used to – popping around for a cup of tea, catching up for a social occasion, or just chatting to a friend you bump into in the supermarket. People need compassion as well as practical advice and support in these times.  Whilst we cannot meet people in person due to the social distancing measures and the call for people to stay at home, we have been able to meet with people using technology and are able to provide comfort and advice in a private and secure environment.”

Covid-19 may have brought many things to a standstill, but you can still take the first step towards a better future. Book your free initial virtual or telephone consultation today with one of our specialist family lawyers.

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