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As a trainee I relish in the fact that I am thrown in at the deep end, learning the basics very quickly and building on these foundations throughout each seat. I am constantly applying information and skills which I gained on the GDL and LPC in addition to information and skills which go beyond the understanding of the law. The exposure to clients and the independence that I am given has allowed me to develop these skills.

From the beginning of my training contract I was given the opportunity to meet with clients, take instructions and work closely with senior members of our firm to achieve the client’s desired outcome. For example, within the first month of my first seat I was taking client meetings on my own which I now do on regular basis.

At Parker Bullen, we don’t have a ‘one-lens’ approach… we are learning how to look after the client in multiple areas of law. Luckily, as trainees, we are able to re-meet clients. For example, in my Private Client seat I was dealing with probate matters and in my Property seat, I will be helping with the associated property sale. In this way, I will see matters through to the end and deliver a complete client service. I am learning the invaluable skill of looking after our client within various areas of law.

Our Senior Partner said to me recently that at Parker Bullen we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we do take what we do for our clients very seriously indeed. That is why I enjoy working at Parker Bullen.

“Thank you very sincerely for all the hard work you did to help me with my mother’s affairs. I took more than my fair share of your time and I was sorry to lose you [as you changed seat]. I wanted you to know that your good humour, sang foid and very hard work was very much appreciated. Good luck with your legal career!”

“Huge thanks for everything you’ve done to get this extremely troublesome sale over the line. I’m most grateful for all your efforts!”

I am part of several networking groups in the Salisbury area who organise events such as cheese and wine tastings, rounders tournament and a ball. I have recently set up a Parker Bullen netball team where we play other firms in the local area. I feel that doing networking activities such as these enables me to meet other young professionals in the area who will prove to be helpful contacts as my career progresses. I have also been fortunate enough to have worked closely with my fellow trainees and Managing Partner to organise two successful parties for clients and staff.


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