Bethan’s experience as a trainee

“On my second day as a trainee I was meeting with clients, taking instructions, liaising with them on the telephone and via email. In the first month I had taken a client meeting  on my own, which I do on a regular basis now. We’re really thrown in at the deep end, learning the basics very quickly and building on these foundations throughout the seat. I have learnt so many skills in just 6 months which go beyond the understanding of the law and which exposure to clients, and the independence that I am given, has allowed me to develop.

 At Parker Bullen, we don’t have a ‘one-lens’ approach… we are learning how to look after the client in multiple areas of law. Luckily, as trainees, we are able to re-meet clients. For example, in Private Client I am dealing with probate matters and in my next seat, in Property, I will be helping with the associated house sale. In this way, I will see matters through to the end and deliver a complete client service.”