Laura’s Story

Laura has worked in the Family Department since April 2019

What attracted you to Parker Bullen?

I previously worked in a different law firm in Salisbury and therefore had the opportunity to meet the head of the Family Department in an informal setting and instantly liked her.

My career and my clients are always very important to me. I am ambitious in my career, always working over-time if necessary. However, I have a young daughter and work-life balance is extremely important to me too. I knew I could provide clients with an excellent service and spend sufficient time with my daughter provided I had a flexible employer.

In my interview, the Senior Partner said “Children grow up quickly. You may regret the time you don’t spend with your children but you will never regret the time you do”. In that moment I knew that Parker Bullen was the right firm for me. Parker Bullen understood that being a good mother was important to me but that my drive and hard-working attitude would enable me to do well at both roles.

What is the best thing about working at Parker Bullen?

My colleagues are like minded and genuinely care about their clients. They provide a good quality service and sensible advice and do not unnecessarily over-complicate matters. The lawyers at Parker Bullen are experienced lawyers that have been well trained. They value their colleagues and make you feel part of a team.

Parker Bullen is a very supportive firm. The Partners will support you with any goals you have, whether in terms of your career or in terms of ideas for the firm.

How would you describe Parker Bullen in a sentence?

Parker Bullen Solicitors are similar to Parker Bullen’s Salisbury office, they are not “for show” but are traditional and just keep giving.

What do you wish you’d known about Parker Bullen before you joined?

I wish I would have known how happy I would be working for Parker Bullen.

How has your career developed in your time at Parker Bullen?

My work was scrutinised at the start to ensure it met Parker Bullen’s standards. Since then, I have been given the freedom to run my files without being micro-managed. Consequently, I feel valued and I am able to provide a quality service to my clients without unnecessary delays or additional costs.

The Partners in the family team are very supportive and I am able to discuss matters with them whenever I wish. I have also been given clear instructions of what I need to achieve in order to be promoted.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Dealing with issues that flow from the breakdown of a relationship can be very difficult for the individuals involved. I enjoy helping people through this difficult chapter and achieving an outcome that enables them to look forward to happier times.

Can you give an example of piece work you have done which you have found particularly rewarding?

I am a results focused person and even after 9 years working in family law I still get enjoyment from any task, no matter how small, being completed.

What is the toughest part of the job?

Billing clients is always the toughest part of the job.

What do you like about working in Salisbury/Andover?

I am fortunate to live and work in Salisbury. It is a beautiful City with lovely villages surrounding it. It is also conveniently placed so that I can easily travel to Bournemouth, Southampton, Bristol and London to visit friends or attend seminars or events. There are also free car parking spaces within walking distance of the city centre.

Life is simple and easy in Salisbury. Parker Bullen is in the town centre so you can meet friends or colleagues for lunch or do your chores in your lunch break.

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